So Busy

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Looking back it’s been about six months since I had done an update or a post. Things have been very hectic. Since the last update we’ve bought an additional property.

Of the five kids we have, two are still at home and those boys weren’t exactly excited about living on the last property. This one has a few more of the things they (and we) are looking for and puts us a bit closer to town. We’ve gotten more than double the acreage at the new property, along with a lake that covers about 10 acres. I’m very happy with the water security aspect there. It hadn’t gotten a lot of care over the last year and the owner passed away. So we are in the process of trying to not only learn all the ins and outs of the property without input from the previous owner, but also get some of the things that went a bit wild back under control.

It’s been a whirlwind of things: barn cats, beavers, electrical issues, water issues, making the internet work, unclogging the drainage pipes, securing the road and all the while just trying to get the moving done. So there hasn’t been much recording as there has just been a lot of focus on doing at this point. Doesn’t help that I dropped my camera and broke and then flew my drone into a tree and broke, which got me out of the habit of recording anything.

Feels like we are making slow progress though and hope to have you back along for more of the ride soon.

These are our first official farm animals. They have a variety of different names, with mine being the least original Tuxey and Mr.Black.